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Exclusivity is the name of the game and Hotec Design brings together senior decision-makers from major design firms, hotels, resorts, casinos, cruise lines, purchasing and management companies face-to-face with innovative suppliers for three days of pre-scheduled, 1-to-1 meetings and exclusive networking opportunities. A relaxing, luxurious, intimate setting provides the perfect backdrop to meet, engage, and do business with unprecedented ease, effectiveness and speed.


Make the most of your time OOO. Spend 20-minutes of uninterrupted time with hospitality’s leading buyers, designers and suppliers.


Icebreakers, team building activities, meals, cocktail hours… we’ve built 12+ hours of curated networking into the agenda to ensure you build quality relationships at Hotec.


Stay on top of the latest trends, innovations, and best practices in the hospitality design industry with a variety of keynote presentations and panel discussions.




Attending Companies




Educational Seminars


Networking Opportunities


Buyer/Designer Benefits

The most productive 3 days you can spend OOO.


Supplier Benefits

1:1 meetings and networking activities with pre-qualified, high-volume buyers and designers.



3 days. 10+ hours of 1:1 meetings. 12+ hours of curated networking. 3 insightful seminars and panels.


2024 Charity Partner Announced

Hotec Design is proud to partner with Aid to Victims of Domestic Abuse, Inc. (AVDA).

Hotec has partnered with AVDA provide essential supplies to women in need at Hotec Design 2024 at the PGA National Resort in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. Attendees will participate in team building activities that will directly benefit women at the shelter while allowing them to further connections with buyers and suppliers at the event.

AVDA's mission is to offer life-saving services while promoting violence-free, equitable relationships and creating the social changes necessary to end domestic and dating violence. For more than 35 years, their mission and services have provided critical support to thousands in the Palm Beach area.

What the Industry is Saying...

The Resort

PGA National Resort, Palm Beach Gardens, FL
Just completed, a full redesign of the guestrooms and suites at the PGA's reimagined golf resort in Palm Beach — including an array of new amenities, tech enhancements, spa-style baths, and indulgent touches.
Celebrity chefs, culinary artisans, and curated confectionary treasures are all available for your enjoyment at PGA National Resort in Palm Beach.
Balance is the key to life. At The Spa at PGA National Resort, they offer an oasis unlike any other; a calm escape to breathe, heal, & rejuvenate with soothing and individualized holistic care for the wellness-
The challenges, the history, the legends — they’re all still here. But they've refined their game for you and updated all of their renowned golf courses.

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