Keynote Speaker: Lisa Tanzer, Life is Good

Invite from Keynote Speaker Lisa Tanzer, President of Life is Good

Life is Good, the power of optimism

Keynote with Lisa Tanzer, President, Life is Good

In this talk, Lisa will discuss her journey, which led to her current role as President of this $100 million dollar lifestyle brand, Life is Good. Part inspiration, part practical advice, she will shed light on the power of relationships that defined her success to demonstrate how you can unlock your true potential through your network. Lisa will also share lessons on the power and profitability of Optimism and its role in building a meaningful brand while also doing good in the world.

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About Lisa Tanzer

Lisa Tanzer was the first board member of the Life is Good Kids Foundation (formerly Project Joy), over 25 years ago, which positively impacts over 1 million kids annually. Now, leading the for-profit side of Life is Good, Tanzer is an expert on the integrated for-profit/non-profit model and how businesses can use their spending power and influence to do good in the world, while rallying consumers and employees alike.

Tanzer has dedicated her career to building brands and teams with compassion – from The Gillette Company, Hasbro, and Staples, to various start-ups in Children’s Entertainment. Today, as the President of Life is Good, Tanzer is responsible for growing the business while delivering the simple, yet powerful message of optimism.